Who we are


We are just an average kiwi family who believe everyone can play a bigger part in the world.

This project started as an ambitious goal for our 5 year old to learn about the world. A father/son project as a fun way to learn together. Aiming to raise $500 for school lunches seemed a big ask.

Little did we know that it would rapidly turn into an ambitious goal for our whole family, one which will take years to achieve. Needless to say, we never imagined our 6 year old would declare a family goal of fundraising $10,000, but in the spirit of teaching our kids to think big, the only answer answer we could ever give to this challenge was a resounding ‘let’s do it’.

With our youngest also now reaching an age to help, it’s become a true family effort. Needless to say as parents we are incredibly proud of what the boys have achieved.

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