Fantails for lunches


To help raise my fundraising aims for 2018, my father and I have produced a range of metal Fantails. We are selling metal Fantails to raise money for ‘Eat my Lunch’. Our initial aim of selling 25 fantails quickly expanded, ultimately we made over 110 fantails for Christmas 2018, with them being shipped all over the world.

UPDATE: We have had a number of people asking for more, so have made a small batch currently available. The money raised from these will be used as savings money for Conrad*.

*Why not for charity? When we started our fundraising project we wanted to help Conrad grow and develop; while also doing good for the world. After raising so much for charity, we believe the time is right for him to earn a small amount of savings to learn the real value of money and how to handle it. Doing this via an extra batch of Fantails to sell, rather than just giving him money, is a great way for him to see the value of his work and appreciate that money is hard earnt and must be saved and spent wisely.

It all started when my father and I began reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. I was surprised to hear so many children live without enough food to eat. I asked my Dad if we could ‘Give these kids some food?’.

Together we decided to make and sell some home-made gifts to raise money for a local children’s food donation programme who provide school lunches to kids who would otherwise go hungry – Eat My Lunch. I’m aiming to feed 100 children. If I get over this I’ll also donate to children’s Christmas charities.

We have hand designed these unique NZ Fantail birds, laser cutting them from metal to form a sculpture for your garden. These are designed to hammer into your fence, a tree branch or sit in a pot plant.

The Fantail is one of my favourite NZ birds. Their tail is amazing, and they often follow me while walking in the NZ forests. I hope you will get the same joy from these Fantails as I do.

Each fantail is roughly life-size. They have been made from a special weathering steel which is designed to form its own attractive protective rust layer. These fantails should last many years outside without needing any other special care or painting. Simply hammer them into a fence post or branch, or push them into a pot plant, and enjoy.

Fantails are $30 each.

25 fantails are available on a ‘first come’ basis. These will be available for delivery on the first week of December. 
We made over 110 fantails for Christmas 2018, with them being shipped all over the world.